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Welcome to Klizo Solutions Private Limited!

We build high level technology for clients, but we ensure that the technology is developed and tested properly. We aren't just developers, we are a team of cybernauts that are passionate about building new products that incorporate the latest and best technology. We will help you dial in your project than anyone else. We also enjoy the pressure and the challenge!

Mobile Application

From native applications on iOS or Android, to hybrid apps with React Native, our strength is not just in the development, but in how we build out the technology. We have some great U/X designers that will help you materialize your idea.

Facial Recognition, LPR Apps, Blockchain Integration, custom data crawling aggregators and more. Our teams have integrated some of the most advanced tech. Of course we know APIs like Facebook, Google OAuth, Firebase, Twitter, and more. Our founder created one of the biggest music apps in Italy and Asia.


Web Application

It takes a special breed to make web applications. When building out your technology, you want to identify the best framework for the project you are working on. Developing sometimes can be the easier task.

We have built out large data intensive projects, robust custom e-commerce platforms, specialized secure payment gateways, and AI powered email engines. We have a strong development team in Laravel. We have moved from MySQL to MongoDB. All of these things we can help you walk through before you start your project.

Talk to one of our client managers, and we will help you formulate an idea around what you are trying to build. We can give you an estimate of the hours, complexity, and costs you are looking at to launch either a small web application, or a full scale SaaS product.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is about knowing your conversion rates, and pushing your energy to what converts the best. Whether its email marketing, social media marketing, or even Facebook ads. Testing the strategies, dialing in on those funnels, and lowering the acquisition costs while increasing conversions is key.

We can help build out marketing strategies, help lower your monthly ad spends, also have our social media managers post content consistently, and have our designers create clean attractive content.

We can help you build out a strategy, or even give you a part-time or full-time person to help you manage your online growth.


Virtual Hiring

Need part time or full time dedicated teams? We got you! We have over 40 staff members, and today we are even employing bookkeepers to help manage some of our clients bookkeeping. We have data scrapers, content writers, graphic designers, front end and back end developers, and project managers.

The cost of hiring a full time person in India instead of the USA can be cost efficient, but also if done right, can allow you to get things completed while others are sleeping. It takes about 90 days to properly get staff in the groove of things.



If you have a marketing company, and need a team to do the heavy lifting for you, we are there. If you are a startup, and you think you have a brilliant idea, but have a shoestring budget, talk to us.

Our founder has launched multiple startups, and has invested in some early stage companies. We are happy to look at the business plan or idea, and if we can either save you development money, or if we have data in that industry, we would be interested.

If it's a marketing company or advertising agency, we have worked with pleny all over the US. We can help with fast landing page launches, product designs, informational videos, email marketing strategies, and more!


Our Team

We have over 50+ incredible people in our family, dedicated to Design, Development and Deployment.

Our company was founded by a serial entrepreneur who has spent over 10 years building technology products in India. This has lead our company focus to be product based and not project based. We look at you as a partner, and we deliver products that shine. We take pride in what we do.