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Social Media Manager

Social Media Marketing is an Art!

Job Summary
You should like numbers, and being creative. You will work directly with the founder who has developed and grown over 15 online businesses.

You will learn a lot of new technologies and processes. You have to be eager to learn new technologies. You have to be creative in your strategies, and enjoy thinking out new ways or “hacks” to scale companies.

Are you new to the space, but you are very interested in learning? Apply! We will be hiring a couple people to join our social media team. We have a couple products internally we will scale, and we have some products with clients that we will do the same with.

You should be:
– Task oriented
– Focused, organized
– Creative, and enjoy testing ideas
– Have pretty good grammar and know how to spellcheck.

Technologies you will learn:
– Email Drip Sequences
– How Data Compiling Works
– Hootsuite vs Buffer
– Working with Graphic Designers
– Creating Facebook Marketing Campaigns
– Creating Google CPC campaigns

A little about us:
Klizo Solutions has about 40 employees, and is located in the New Town area, near CC2. Our employees range from graphic designers, back end developers, iOS and Android Developers, and more. We are primarily a product focused company. Our founder is from the USA, and spends about 6 months a year here going back and forth. We develop technologies around his products, and develop products for a few other clients. We are looking to expand to more locations, and are hiring for those reasons.

We have two shifts in the company:
Morning shift 7:30am – 4:30pm
Evening shift 4:30pm – 1:30am
We are open Monday – Friday
We may rarely be needed on a Saturday if a project is required.

Here is a video of the company:

Responsibilities and Duties
You will do research for the clients, source information to create content.
You will work with the design team to create the social media posts.
You will manage post schedules, and optimize these to post at the correct timezones.
You will help run some of our internal applications to scale the SM accounts.
You will help guide the clients with requirements for the next batch of content.
We will discuss strategies, track what works, and resolve what doesn’t.

The Reality:
We can cover more, and a lot of it will be on the job training. If you are chosen to work with us, you will be a very qualified social media manager in the future with a lot of hacks on how to scale peoples accounts. We will be choosing you based on your attitude, logic, and creativity.

Qualifications and Skills

Need to know:
Google Sheets (Microsoft Excel)
Google Word (Spell Check content properly)
Email Management
Task and Time Management
Data Entry skills

Please send any applications you have experience with. There are MANY tools out there that work.


  • If working evening shift, drop off is covered.
  • PF is covered if you are working in a 2 year contract with us.
  • Confirmation takes 6 months, we can do early confirmation based on performance.
  • Incentives happen also based on performance.

Job Types: Full-time, Fresher


Looking for work? Feel free to connect with us, we are available.

We have a team of over 40 people, and we develop high level technology in multiple frameworks.

Please drop your resume here!

Our Team

We have over 50+ incredible people in our family, dedicated to Design, Development and Deployment.

Our company was founded by a serial entrepreneur who has spent over 10 years building technology products in India. This has lead our company focus to be product based and not project based. We look at you as a partner, and we deliver products that shine. We take pride in what we do.

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