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iOS Developer

Good iOS developers are looking for teams that make them stick out. We have some really cool projects, and some leading development techniques. Apply today!

Job Description

Job Summary

We are looking for an experienced senior iOS Developer. Our Mobile team builds products and features that drive the core experience on multiple mobile applications for our internal projects, or selected clients. We build advance technology on multiple platforms and integrate them through various web services. This position will play a key role in building and supporting mobile features for our mobile apps. In this role there will be opportunity to work across different development stacks and influence product decisions.

One of our projects is doing facial recognition, and then communicate that information to a smart retail kiosk. Another project is storing verified digital data into the blockchain. Another is scanning IDs at a POS, and communicating with a credit card reader to verify that the specific product is being purchased by a verified user in our software platform (built on Laravel).

We have three shifts available:

Early Shift: 6am – 3pm

Mid Shift: 10am – 7pm

Evening Shift: 4pm – 1am

Pick up and drop offs will be provided as needed for the early and evening shifts.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Build intuitive features to improve the experience for mobile users.
  • Improve the mobile codebase by working on foundational issues and helping to rearchitect, as necessary.
  • Work with your team to promote best practices and ensure a high quality bar is maintained.
  • Collaborate with product managers, designers and other groups to design thoughtful new features.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • 2+ years of professional software development experience
  • Strong engineering skills and software fundamentals in developing on iOS
  • Experience working with large native code bases with significant complexity
  • A passion for building consumer applications with elegant and clean interfaces
  • Experience developing, testing, shipping and supporting a product for hundreds of thousands of users is a plus
  • Experience working in a team environment and collaborating with cross-functional groups
  • Knowledge on Web Services, APIs, and specifically AWS services and integrations is a plus.


We will provide training as needed. Some people may be required to have training, depending on their level of expertise.

Transportation services (pick up and drop off) will be provided for people working those shifts that are in need of such service.

More benefits are available after probation period has been passed.

Job Type: Full-time

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